Covid 19  Saftey Protocol

Due to the threat of Covid 19 our studio has implemented new Standard protocol for all studio sessions. 

1) When you arrive at the studio please park and before exiting your vehicle call me at 440-477-2022 I am only allowing one family at a time in the studio.  I also highly suggest to limit to one parent alone if at all possible (obviously this is not possible if having family images taken). Everyone present will have their temperature taken upon arrival. If anyone has a fever of 99.1* F or higher, the appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

Along with the one family at a time restriction I am also thoroughly sterilizing the studio in between sessions. I am following time guidelines per product and have scheduled enough time in between the appointments on my schedule to accomplish a completely sanitary environment for each family's session. But as we all know children by nature are unpredictable and at times I may run over my appointment times slightly I will NOT compromise the safety of any client so I may need a few extra minutes before you will be permitted to enter the studio. please know that any slight time shift is for your well being.  *** You will also be asked to wash your hans immediately upon arrival. Hand sanatizer will also be available for anytime you feel you need it.  

2) I will be locking the door of the studio as soon as families arrive and immediately after they leave to eliminate the accidental entry of someone from the general public.

 3)  No shoes will be permitted in the studio. There is a weather proof bin just outside the studio door to place them in prior to entering. We are a business that caters to small children and they touch / crawl on the floor so this is a very important safety protocol for them. Please make sure that you are either wearing socks or have a pair to put on. If you are planning to be in any images I suggest either wearing a long skirt to cover the socks or we will just shoot from the shin up lol


4) All clientele over the age of 10 will be required to wear a facial covering or mask throughout the time they are within the studio. You are however permitted to remove the mask/face covering for the  duration of time your portraits are being taken.       

5) No one will be permitted to touch any of the general props, backdrops, outfits etc. throughout the studio. I will happily pull all needed accessories/backdrops/clothing needed for your child based on the color suggestions you give me.

Most things in the studio are very easily visible to you, I just ask that you do not actually touch them. 

******* All outside props for sessions must have a drop off time scheduled for delivery at least 72 hours prior to your session date for proper sanitaiton. I will not allow any outside props in the studio that have not been sanitized by me.

6) All studio fabrics, linens and outfits will need to be immediately placed in the laundry hamper provided after your child's use.  (this has always been my policy)         


7) There are comfortable sitting areas provided in each room of the studio for you to sit and view everything during your session. But I would prefer to be the only one in the shooting area (outside of family images)  to adhere to the 6ft social distancing compliance. 

****** For sessions with different aged siblings. If at all possible it is best to have another family member waiting to take the children as soon as their portion of the session is completed. This will help them to not become stir crazy in a smaller area since they will not be permitted to roam the studio as to keep them from touching props, backgrounds, clothing etc. to maintain their sanitary state.

     Thank you so much for your cooperation and compliance to these new protocols. We are all in this together! I truly believe these protocols in addition to the ones set forth by our governor/ State health department will keep your family and mine safe which is my #1 priority.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns prior to your session. I so look forward to seeing you all!