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Newborn Prep Guide

What To Wear

Coordinate, but don’t match! Soft and neutral colors photograph the best, but if you would like a pop of something brighter or a design, don’t be afraid to go that route. If there are more than one individual in your session, it helps to have one person with a “stand out” pattern or color and coordinate the remaining outfits by keeping their outfit choices simple but of a complementary color scheme. Also steer clear of clothing with words or images on them. While they may photograph okay, clothing free of words and pictures makes for a cleaner overall feel.


Accessorize! Stand out pieces, like jewelry, scarves and headwear can bring a lot of personality to your photos. Just be sure to keep them to just a few so it doesn’t overwhelm the image or distract from you or your family’s beautiful faces! Accessories are another great way to add some pops of color if you would prefer more neutral colored clothing. Steer clear of bright white sock or sneakers, unless it specifically goes with the "vibe" of your shoot.

Comfort is key! Comfortable children are happy children. Make sure whatever outfits and accessories you decide on are not too scratchy, bulky or tight/loose when being worn. Having your child pulling at hems or itching from a poorly placed tag your entire session will make it more difficult to get natural smiles. Same rule applies for your own outfit selection - make sure you choose something that makes you feel confident and relaxed!

For example images to help with outfit planning, 

What to Expect

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your ideal location for your photos, whether it be in the studio or on location. For outdoor sessions, ideal shooting times are the first few hours following sunrise, or the last few hours prior to sunset as it allows for softer, less harsh lighting in your images. Studio sessions can be done anytime during business hours as long as your desired time slot is available.

It’s important for your kids to be fed and well rested.  Try not to select a session time that is during nap time or meal time.  Also, be sure to avoid any food or drinks that may stain the skin prior to the photo session. If your child is on the shy side, bringing a comfort item like a special stuffed animal or blanket may help them feel more at ease during their session. For infants, please be sure to bring a back-up bottle (if not nursing) and a fresh diaper just in case!

Try not to stress before the session! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get you and your family ready before your session and pick your outfits out ahead of time. Rushing around right before your photos tends to cause cranky people – parents and kids alike! Also, don’t worry about your child acting out during your session. Dealing with all types of personalities and energy levels just comes with the territory as a photographer, and we will always find a way to make it work.

Prior to your session, take a look on Pinterest. If there are any certain poses that you really love, be sure to save it and have the picture handy at the time of your session. While we may not be able to replicate it exactly, we will do whatever we can to get as close as possible for an image you are sure to cherish forever.

Each session will include a guaranteed minimum number of edited images, 7 for mini sessions and 15 for full sessions. Your individual gallery may include more images that what is guaranteed, this all depends on how many high-quality images we are able to capture during your session. Your full gallery will be delivered via an online Shootproof gallery with 2-3 weeks following your shoot date. Galleries will remain active 90 days following delivery for you do download images or share with others, and will contain a downloadable print release letter for if you decide to order prints.


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